…Trecorum Satis Dee. I never forget that spell (although I had to look up how to spell the, um, spell). I’ve always loved Bedknobs & Broomsticks, even more than Mary Poppins, which has a similar style with live action and animation. I think generally I’m drawn to movies that are about kids who are send to the countryside in WWII England, like The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, or The Secret Garden. Anyway, I’m always impressed by how good the movie’s effects look, as I’ve seen newer movies that aren’t as well done. And the songs are catchy too. The animated world on the Isle of Naboombu is great (the hyena looks like Shenzi from the Lion King, so classic style carried on years later).

I have a different Bedknobs one I’ll put up sometimes when I get a different scanner. It’s a large format record with a book built into the cover, kind of like The Love Bug, but less pages.

Oh, and on the last page of the one I just added, whoever owned it back in the day used it as a colouring book page and I couldn’t really fix it, so I left it.