Heat up some lasagna, it’s time for Garfield On The Town! This one is based on the 1983 animated TV special, and although I’ve probably seen it, I remember it more from this read-along. I do remember Garfield being very popular that year when I was in grade three, and everyone had the Garfield  plush toys, so interest was probably ramped up from the TV special. This has the original voices from that special, with Lorenzo Music as Garfield. My brother and I used to quote what we thought was the funniest part, when Garfield is introduced to Raoul, who coughs and wheezes, and Garfield’s mom deadpans, “Raoul isn’t well.”

This is a unique read-along because it’s done in a comic panel format. There was one page that didn’t have the page-turn chimes, so I added it in. Another is very quiet as it’s overlapped by the music.