Happy Halloween! Thanks to Dave at his Disney Audio Site, I’ve now compiled Disney’s Haunted Mansion Read-Along. It’s interesting to note there are two versions of this. Dave’s copy is part of a school set that included a teacher’s edition, and explained how to set up a listening corner for children to read along in. This version is read by a man. I’m not sure who, but he does sound a lot like Paul Frees who narrates the actual ride in Disneyland. The non-school version, which you can listen to at Doombuggies is read by a woman, Robie Lester, who was the “Disneyland Story Reader” on many of the older read-alongs, like Snow White. The second side of the album is haunting sound effects.

Now also of note is the 12″ LP version of The Haunted Mansion, called “The Story and Song from the Haunted Mansion.” You can listen to it at Dave’s site, and view the pages at Doombuggies. It has different artwork, in the 11 gatefold pages of a 12″ LP cover, and is narrated by Thurl Ravenscroft, and uses many sound effects taken directly from the ride. It also has two characters. A girl played by the aforementioned Robie Lester, and a boy played by Ron Howard!