The new is live! The old site was 13 years old, and I haven’t done anything on it in 11 years, mostly because work got in the way, but also because I needed to find a new way to compile them since Flash isn’t that usable on mobile devices. You can still access the old site from the main menu because it will take awhile to rebuild this new site. But for now, consider “E.T. As Read By Gertie” the guinea pig. It should work on all browsers and devices now.

They play directly in the browser, but you can download the PDF pages and MP3 audio separately. The audio has to be clicked to play on each page (a mobile thing, to save bandwidth I think). I’ve tested on Firefox on my PC, and in Safari on my iPad and iPhone 7 and so far so good, but I’ll have to try other browsers as well. Also, the play button is small on a phone, so I’m going to see if it can be made larger for that device.

I’ve started re-adding the big text list of known read-alongs from the old site. It’s not completed yet, but it is searchable!

“Let’s begin now!”