1705, 2008


May 17th, 2008|

I've started to add PDF files for download for anyone who would like to print the pages. The Mary Poppins (1967) version is the first to have it, and I'll continue to do this for any new books I add, and eventually catch up on the older ones. The files [...]

2010, 2007

Full Audio Files

October 20th, 2007|

I've added MP3 files for download to most of the available books. Some I don't have the original full tracks for, so someday I'll have to join the individual page files together for those ones.

708, 2007

Mac Files

August 7th, 2007|

I've added Mac hqx files to many of the newer read-alongs for download. I'm making these on a PC, and I have no way of testing them, so if someone has a Mac and can test to see if they work and let me know (email link on home page), [...]

607, 2007

Follow Alongs

July 6th, 2007|

I came across something advertised in a Zellers (Walmart-esque store in Canada) flyer today. "Follow Along" DVDs. They sounded like DVD read-alongs, which further research says they are, but there's no book involved. They're put out by the National Captioning Institute and I guess you watch the video and read [...]

706, 2007

New Read-Alongs Sighted

June 7th, 2007|

Today I acquired a read-along for Disney's Meet the Robinsons. The Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End one should also be out now, as well as one for the upcoming Pixar movie Ratatouille. I realized today that the company who makes these for Disney Records is located here in [...]

2710, 2006

Haunted Mansion

October 27th, 2006|

Happy Halloween! Thanks to Dave at his Disney Audio Site, I've now compiled Disney's Haunted Mansion Read-Along. It's interesting to note there are two versions of this. Dave's copy is part of a school set that included a teacher's edition, and explained how to set up a listening corner for [...]

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