I’ve got to add a really cool update to the notes section here. Down at the very bottom of this page, I said how cool it’d be to have a Pirates of the Caribbean movie one. Well, there is one now, and I have it in my hot little hands! It’s for Curse of the Black Pearl, the first movie, but it’s copyright 2006, so I guess it was released to coincide with the sequel. Found it at a grocery store checkout (Save-On here in Canada) of all places. It’s really great. It goes along the lines of 1999’s Phantom Menace, with voices taken right from the movie. It’s narrated by Diedrich Bader. The CD is attached to the inside cover with a little plastic hub, and you can see part of it from the front, where the cover is die cut to reveal it.

If this sells well, I hope it encourages Disney to continue to make ones for live action movies. Looking at amazon.com, it appears that a read-along for Dead Man’s Chest is being released January 2007. Seems weird to wait until then. It appears to be a hardcover style book with a CD in the centre of the cover.

The other most recent one I have is for Disney’s Cars. Same format as Pirates, with the CD attached to the inside cover. This wasn’t as much of a surprise as finding Pirates, since they have been making read-alongs for their Pixar movies. The only one they didn’t do was Incredibles. There is an audio book CD, but there’s no book to read-along with, just a gatefold insert. And I don’t think it has narration.